Welcome to our Church website!

Allow us to tell you a little about ourselves. Churchland Baptist Church is a family of God located in the western part of Davidson County; we are a missions minded, autonomous, free and faithful Baptist Church.

Born out of the Pine Meeting House, our church was founded in 1837 by eleven charter members. Ever since that day we have been trying to spread the light of God into our community and into the world. We believe in the priesthood of the believer and encourage our members to have a personal relationship with God, Christ, and the Spirit.

More than anything, we espouse a God who is love as revealed in the ministry of Jesus Christ and the movement of the Holy Spirit. We understand our mission to be that we serve as the presence of Christ in the community of Churchland and we hope that you would come and join us.


Churchland Baptist Church Mission Statement
(what we do)

Churchland Baptist Church is a baptized body of believers who are led by the Holy Spirit who intentionally grow disciples and shares the Gospel through sharing Christ’s love while serving those in need.

Churchland Baptist Church Vision Statement
(how we do it)

We accomplish this task by being focused in our worship and prayer as we reach up to God, disciplined in our discipleship and fellowship as we reach inward through spiritual growth, compassionate in our ministry as we intentionally reach out through evangelism and missions and joyful in our fellowship as we love each other.

Reach up – focused in worship and prayer
Reach in – disciplined in discipleship and ministry
Reach Out – intentional in evangelism and missions